Be part of CIRCL Platform


Corporate Partners

CIRCL partners with large corporations to enable their employees to order lunch and coffee using CIRCL. It’s a free and effective program for management to improve productivity, satisfaction and teamwork.


Employee Productivity

CIRCL enables each employee to save 1 – 2 hours per week. Rather than queuing or flagging down waiters, your employees can order in a few taps on their mobile. Using CIRCL is simple. It’s the world’s only app that allows ordering and payment from any type of F&B in under 10 seconds.


Employee Perks

Your employees will be able to access CIRCL’s exclusive discounts, rebates, rewards, free lunches and welcome drinks across restaurants, bars and cafes. The CIRCL team will digitize the F&B’s that your employees frequent most, negotiate exclusive offers, and support on-going campaigns. This creates a win-win-win for the company. Worth over US$500 in value and growing.


Employee Team Building

Lunch is the most naturally social hour of any workday, but companies neglect this hour in building teamwork.

– Many employees eat alone at their desk.
– Others go out with the same group of friends.
– Department lunches can be infrequent and too formal to organize.

As more of your staff use CIRCL, it will become a social platform for staff to share where they are eating.

– Join others for lunch
– Discover new places and food together
– Form new bonds outside the typical office setting

This will lead to greater collaboration in the office, higher employee satisfaction, lower churn, and ultimately greater productivity and innovation.

CIRCL facilitates this interaction via its upcoming social tools and group incentives, e.g. free drinks for groups of 10 or more from Citibank.